Guide to The Best Ripple (XRP) Wallets

Ripple is both a cryptocurrency as well as a digital payment network that aims to revolutionize the traditional methods for payments and financial transactions. While Ripple does have a cryptocurrency with the name of XRP, it does serve as a cryptocurrency alone. Ripple acts more like a digital payment protocol for sending money through various means of payments like Bitcoin, USD, lite coin, etc.

Unlike traditional methods of money transferring that is followed in the banks, Ripple follows a peer to peer decentralized methods for transferring funds. When it comes to Ripple, it’s cryptocurrency is more like a bridge currency between other currencies. This cryptocurrency is for large organizations which have a greater amount of volume when it comes to the transactions.

According to the latest news, the value of Ripple (XRP) has increased by more than 977 times its value. People who have been investing in this cryptocurrency have enjoyed great profits. The recent rise followed by a sharp decline in the value of XRP caused some damage. Nonetheless, it is now experiencing a steady trend overall.

Picking the right wallet to store your Ripple XRP is important. Let us find out the various options available right now. There are different kinds of Ripple wallets, and few of the most important ones are Software wallets, Hardware wallets, Hot wallets, Cold wallets and Paper wallets. Each of these wallets come with their own set of pros and cons. Let us understand what these wallets are and also explore the pros and cons of each.


Hardware Wallet For Ripple

A hardware wallet is a physical wallet which can be purchased online and in few selected stores as well. A hardware wallet looks more or less like a pen drive (USB). You can connect it to your system or your laptop through the USB slot to use it.

The pros of using Hardware XRP wallets include ease of usage and a higher level of security when compared to other types of wallets. The cons of these hardware wallets are their high price range and a wide range of choices to pick from. Without the right guide, choosing a good wallet is difficult. Also, as these wallets are tangible, they are prone to getting lost, broken and also might require replacement after a point of time.


Software Wallet For Ripple

A Software Wallet is usually a wallet that’s available online. These kinds of wallets come in various forms such as mobile applications, web applications, and desktop applications.

The main advantages of using a software wallet are the fact that it is cost efficient, in few cases, these wallets are available for free too. At the same time, they are easy to use; unlike other wallets, they are usually quick regarding operations as well. However, these software wallets are not as secure as the other wallets like paper and hardware wallets. Also, these wallets purely rely on an internet connection and cannot function offline.


Hot and Cold Wallets For Ripple

Hot wallets are the ones that are always online and must stay connected to the blockchain network. These can be used to send and receive funds quickly. On the other hand, cold wallets are the stark opposite of hot wallets. They are physical and don’t need online connectivity. A simple example to understand the difference between these both— consider hot wallets like your wallet that you carry with yourself every day; these cold wallets are more like bank accounts where you store your money.

The upsides of hot wallets are the ease of access and continuous connectivity to the network. They are also more convenient than cold wallets. However, they are less secure, and you have little scope for using them as a savings wallet. The upsides of cold wallets include tight security when compared to the hot wallets, and they are generally more private due to the fact that they aren’t online. However, they are slower and difficult to access.


Paper Ripple Wallet For Ripple

Paper wallets are commonly described as cold wallets where a physical document contains a set of keys for your cryptocurrency resulting in a wallet of keys. The paper wallets don’t need internet connectivity.

The upsides of using a paper wallet are the security, increased level of privacy owing to the fact that they’re not stored online, and it is relatively easy to keep track of your amount. On the other hand, the main downsides are difficulty in accessing them, and also, they are comparatively slower than other wallets. On top of everything, you cannot afford to lose your pass keys and private keys if you’re using a paper wallet.

With Ripple, you have more security, and the speed of transaction is high as well. If you are looking at investing in Ripple, then read on and find out about the best Ripple wallets. Here are few highly recommended Ripple Wallets.


Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S is the only hardware wallet right now that supports XRP cryptocurrency. In general, Ledger Nano S is a leading hardware wallet for a wide range of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins. However, in the recent times, it started supporting XRP as well.

Key features:

  • This hardware wallet can connect to any computer or laptop through the USB port.
  • The highlights of this wallet are the latest hardware integration and high security. With Ledger Nano S, your keys can never be exposed, and all the sensitive operations involved with your XRP is isolated with the help of Secure Element and is locked by a PIN code. Also, these transactions are foolproof and cannot be easily tampered with; all the transactions are physically verified, and they are processed only after you press the button on the embedded screen and provide confirmation.
  • One of the main advantages of owning this wallet is the fact that you can purchase various cryptocurrencies and perform transactions simultaneously.
  • This hardware wallet also supports the FIDO Universal Second Factor standard.
  • In this wallet, you can also perform basic operations with the help of the physical buttons without having to connect to your computer.
  • This wallet also provides excellent backup and restoration as well. All your accounts are backed ups on a recovery sheet.




Exarpy is a web-based desktop wallet which is an exclusive XRP wallet only. You can start using this wallet by creating a wallet through their website and using it online. You cannot download this as an application but can be accessed using your mobile web browser though.

Key features:

  • It is a software wallet that can be used through your mobile web browser or your desktop browser as well.
  • This wallet does not indeed hold your coins or your funds, but it merely works as a medium to connect to the Ripple network for performing transactions.
  • Exarpy charges 0.025 XRP per transaction made through it which is inclusive of the Ripple network fee as well. There are no more hidden fees.
  • This wallet also makes use of a PIN code. Exarpy’s PIN code is a 16 digit number linked to your account and users need to save this PIN safely. If they ever lose this PIN, they cannot gain access to your account again as this wallet follows strong encryption.
  • The website has a simple and a clean UI which makes it easier for first time users to get acquainted with the process.




Cryptonator is a multi-currency crypto wallet that supports XRP as well. It can be used from your mobile, desktop or laptop as well.

Key features:

  • It can be used to store a wide range of cryptocurrencies (19+) like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Cash, etc.,
  • You can instantly exchange the currencies online. Exchanging your currency from Bitcoin to Litecoin or Litecoin to XRP happens instantly. On top of this, Cryptonator doesn’t charge any fee for these conversions.
  • Though the website does not have any additional security features, it comes with an SSL certificate and gives you a two-step authentication as well.
  • If the activity from a specific IP address is deemed as suspicious, then that IP address is instantly blocked.
  • As of now, nearly a million accounts are active on this platform, and 30m transactions have been processed.
  • You can download the Cryptonator application on Google Play store and App Store as well.




CoinPayments is a web-based hot wallet which comes with multi-currency support. It is more of a payment gateway than a wallet that stores the currency. CoinPayments provides shopping cart plugins for many famous marketplaces like Shopify, WHMOS, etc.,

Key features:

  • Supports Bitcoins, Litecoins, XRP and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Comes with a mobile application for both Google Play store and App Store where you can perform transactions and view your balance etc.,
  • You have the option of auto-converting few coins that help in reducing the conversion fees.
  • It has a very low fee at 0.5% across all currencies and transactions as well.
  • The wallet comes with other features that are advantageous for converting XRP into other currencies and perform transactions.




This is a web-based XRP wallet which can be accessed from your mobile browser or the web browser on your laptop or a system. Along with Cryptonator, this is another user-friendly wallet that is a right place for beginners to start.

Key features:

  • The signup process is free. However, you have to deposit an amount equivalent of 20 XRP to use the wallet. It can be done through Bitcoins (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic or Augur (REP) or through a bank deposit as well.
  • It is an online platform where you can trade and convert your cryptocurrencies effortlessly.
  • Simple and a good design UI which significantly aids the first time users and can, therefore, be recommended for beginners.
  • The options like live analytics of your assets help you asses your portfolio and invest wisely.
  • The wallet statistics and asset distributions charts are available in a single place, and your net worth is calculated in real time, thereby saving the time and effort you have to invest in figuring by yourself.
  • Transferring money becomes hassle-free as you can leverage the Ripple network to send funds. By entering the individual’s name, you can instantly transfer the funds.
  • Using this platform, you can trade both your currency and cryptocurrency as well. At the same time, you get the option to invest in precious metals like gold and silver as well.




Rippex is a desktop application which is quite popular among the Ripple (XRP) traders. It is a well-established platform for trading XRP and boasts strong security.

Key features:

  • It is an open source downloadable desktop application with its source code available on Github.
  • It runs on all three operating systems— Windows, Macintosh (OSX) and Linux distributions as well.
  • You have the feasibility to develop your version of the wallet as it is available online. It is an excellent wallet for tech enthusiasts and software veterans with a knack for application development.
  • The services are quick and have strong security features.
  • It supports other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, FIAT money, etc.,
  • It is a well establish wallet for trading XRP and is preferred by many seasoned XRP traders.
  • Nevertheless, it is an excellent choice for beginners as well, due to its simple UI and straightforward User Experience.

As of now, Rippex has discontinued its services and has undergone a global freeze of accounts. Rippex no longer serves as the payment gateway and a wallet anymore. However, two weeks post their shutdowns, they have provided customer support and service for helping their customers sort their accounts and funds.


Toast wallet:

Toast wallet is a mobile wallet that is available across all the smart phone ecosystems like iOS and Android. Desktop version for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux systems are available as well.

Key features:

  • A truly cross-platform wallet that is extremely user-friendly and caters to a wide range of users.
  • It is an open source wallet, and the source code is available on Github as well. Therefore, one can check out the source code to understand the level of security as well.
  • There is no charge involved for using this wallet; it is free.
  • The private keys are stored on your device and aren’t stored on the internet or any other cloud servers elsewhere. Therefore, it makes your wallet heavily secured, and it is highly unlikely for hackers to get hold of your coins and funds.
  • All the private keys are heavily encrypted. If you ever lose your device where these encrypted private keys are stored, the backup option can help you reaccess your keys.
  • Though Toast wallet doesn’t charge any fee, you will still need to have a minimum of 20 XRP in your Toast wallet as it is the reserve feature of the Ripple network.



Paper wallet:

A paper wallet is essentially a cold wallet which doesn’t need internet connectivity. After hardware wallets, it is one of the most secure methods to store your funds. For creating these paper wallets, you can use the Minimalist Ripple Client. As the name says, it is a simple web application where you can create your Paper Wallet. These paper wallets are commonly used for purposes of giving gifts to someone else. Though paper wallets might seem secure in a perspective, they often involve difficulty and demand more effort and care from the user.


Exchange-based wallets:

All the wallets mentioned above are software based wallets. You also have another category of wallets which work on the basis of exchange. Websites like Coinbase and Kraken, Bittrex, etc. are few reputed exchange websites. In these, you store your coins in a particular location depending on if or whether your exchange website supports those coins. In general, exchange-based wallets work well as hot wallets as they can be set up easily. You need to login to your account, and you can start transferring and investing your coins. It’s simple and fast. However, you have to be careful and set up two-step authentication for safety and security. Finally, the other advantageous aspect of exchange based wallets is that you can sell and buy Ripple (XRP) instantly and convert it into other crypto coins effortlessly.


Bottom line

If you are planning on trading XRP regularly, then you are better off by choosing the wallets which have a web application or a mobile application facility. Most of the wallets come with a decent security setup. Therefore, the main criteria for picking a wallet is your usage.

On the other hand, if you plan to purchase XRP coins and save them for an extended period of time or gift them to someone, paper wallets might be a good option. Also, if you are someone who is a prolific cryptocurrency trader, picking a wallet with multi-currency options and lesser conversion fees is advisable. For all bulk purchases wherein you plan on holding the XRP coins for a long time, you are better off by purchasing them and storing them in cold wallets. However, if you are planning on trading a small amount on a regular basis and do not plan on holding the XRP coins for a long time, you will benefit from using a hot wallet.

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