How To Buy Dash (DASH) – Essential Guide 2018

Dash has become one of the most recognized P2P, open source, decentralized cryptocurrencies that you can trade in without having to worry about the issues with Bitcoin and fiat currencies. The Dash team also has some of the most experienced cryptographers in the game right now with over 50 employees who are constantly pushing forward the Dash protocol.

As the team has focused on making the cryptocurrency so easy to use, the cryptocurrency has managed all of the technology advances, marketing, and usage of the coin on its own. It has also been said that Dash will be a long-term players in the cryptocurrency exchange due to its security and popularity.

Even though Dash started out around $10 in the beginning of 2017, it has since boomed to over $200 in just one year and reached a market high of $1.5 billion. It has been noted as the fifth most popular altcoin as well.


Should You Buy Dash Over Bitcoin

You can get into the market early on Dash, so why not? Dash has a few advantages over the older cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. It provides almost instant, secure payouts and transactions, in addition to security that make it equally suitable for adoption. While many people have begun to shop for other cryptocurrencies, Dash has been rising in popularity because it can easily be traded on any exchange using any type of currency to buy in.

While many don’t believe that Bitcoins will ever be able to use for physical shopping like groceries, it could change its protocol drastically in order to do so. However, those who are looking for privacy and want to keep their money save will go with Dash, as Bitcoin is still one of the cryptocurrencies that has issues with anonymity.


Ready to Buy Dash? Here’s Where to Go

DASH is not a new name to the crypto space so there are a lot of places where you can buy this cryptocurrency. Some of these sites include:

This is a UK-based exchange that has been around for awhile. Founded in 2013, it supports the exchange of BTC, ETH, DASH, and ZEC. Traders use this exchange because it fully supports Euro fiat currencies. You can also use multiple forms of payment to purchase DASH including bank transfers and credit cards. You can also trade fully with all cryptocurrencies on this exchange.

This is another popular exchange that is used for trading all types of cryptocurrencies. If you want to get a secure wallet that supports a variety of digital currencies, this one would be a great option. It is based out of Hong Kong and was founded in 2014. There are currently 13 digital currencies that are supported in USD or BTC, including Dash, Ethereum, Zcash, Monero, Litecoin and so on.

This wallet is a US-based Bitcoin market that has the highest trading volumes currently in Europe. It’s no surprise that you can trade in multiple fiat currencies including Canadian dollars, EU, Japanese Yen, and USD. You can purchase DASH with all types of bitcoins as well.

This is for India only traders. You can buy DASH in INR through this exchange. This is the best option because it is relatively new, but it is the only exchange that supports Indian fiat currencies. While the signup is similar to others, you will need to setup AADHAR card, PAN details, email ID, and phone number to gain access.

This is a new multi-currency instant exchagne site that allows you to use its interface just like any exchange application. You can purchase Ethereum, Bitcoin, DASH and a variety of other cryptocurrencies using a credit card, debit card, or with other cryptocurrencies.

Ultimately the only way that you are going to get DASH for the best price might be through purchasing with cryptocurrencies. However, the options are there to purchase with your credit card.


Simple Steps to Purchasing DASH Online

Want to purchase DASH quickly and without any hassle? Then the first thing you want to do is get a DASH wallet. This process walks you through a simple way that you can get started with this digital currency.


1. Start with Your Dash Wallet
You can get into any Dash wallet or hardware wallet beforehand. This is so that you can store DASH securely and exchange into any other currencies using your wallet. Hardware wallets are the safest way to store certain currencies, and you can still trade them relatively easily just by plugging it into your computer like a USB.

There are also DASH desktop wallets such as Electrum. It doesn’t have some of the options that InstantSend does so it may not be a good idea if you are looking for more functionality and security.

You can also use a Dash Core wallet, which works on Mac, Windows, and Linux machines. If you are a mobile phone and use your smartphone only to trade, then you might be a fan of Dash mobile wallets. Jaxx is probably the most popular choice for mobile traders. However, if you have an iPhone you can also set up DashWallet or Coinami to get started.


2. Buy Dash
If you already own Bitcoin, then there is good news, you can just go on any exchange and purchase DASH using your bitcoins. However, if you do not have bitcoins, then you may need to purchase these currencies with fiat currencies like USD or EU before you can purchase Dash on its own. There are also new ways to purchase Dash but only through certain exchanges.

You can currently buy Dash on This is one of the oldest bitcoin brokers and you can deposit money with your credit card in order to buy Dash directly. Another platform is eToro. While eToro doesn’t give you access to your coins, you also can’t send eToro to other people. You can just buy and sell in fiat currencies for Litecoin. However, Litecoin can easily be traded for DASH after you purchase.

However, if you prefer to purchase with a wire transfer and don’t mind waiting a bit, then you can do so with Kraken or AnyCoinDirect. These websites make it very easy to purchase DASH directly through USD or EUR wire transfers. You may also use SEPA transfers on AnyCoinDirect.

Dash also has ATMs that allow you to purchase the currency with cash. Currently, these are located across the US in Oregon, New York, and Florida. The fees are kind of high, but it is the easiest way to acquire Dash if you just have cash. These locations also support the purchase of BTC and other digital currencies.

WallofCoins is an ATM that allows you to buy Dash on the spot just by depositing cash into the ATM.

You can also exchange Bitcoins for Dash using any of the most popular exchanges like Poloniex, Bitfinex, Kraken, Changelly, and ShapeShift. These are easily used by most traders currently to purchase Dash.


3. Transfer Dash Coins to Your Wallet
Once you have purchased Dash through any of these means, you should remember to transfer to your wallet so that they are secure. You never want to leave your coins in any exchange in case of scams, hacks, or complete shutdowns that have been shown to happen over the past few years.