How to Buy Bitcoin With A Credit Card

More and more people are joining the Bitcoin train, investing, speculating, calculating, and that is a good thing. Bitcoin opened up a whole new world for us by changing the investment game. No longer do we have to invest in a predetermined path, such as in real estate, stocks, bonds and so forth.

However, Bitcoin is new and somewhat confusing technology, especially for beginners. This article discusses one way of purchasing Bitcoins, and that is with a credit card. We will postulate critical things you have to understand before embarking on a Bitcoin journey, explaining how you should set everything up before purchasing the Bitcoins.

Moreover, we will number a couple of websites that allow you to buy Bitcoins with a credit card. We will discuss the way these websites work, what are their advantages and disadvantages, fees, etc.

We hope this article will at least inform you (hopefully inspire) on how purchasing Bitcoins with credit card works. We believe that more people would try and invest in Bitcoins if they knew more about it, about the process of obtaining, selling, and keeping their crypto value.



Before You Buy Bitcoin With A Credit Card

To trade Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency for that matter, you need a wallet. Just as you need a wallet to hold your cash, or bank account to store your credit (like Euros, Dollars, Yen, etc.) you need a Bitcoin wallet to store, safe keep and trade Bitcoins.

Note that you won’t literally keep your Bitcoins in the wallet, but encrypted keys that grant you access to your Bitcoins, but we won’t go into that in this article. There are two main types of Bitcoin wallets: hardware (physical) wallet, and online (digital) wallet.

Physical wallets (like Trezor or Ledger Nano S) are a secure and on-demand way of using your Bitcoins. They are small and lightweight, which allows you to carry them with you wherever you go. The wallet holds your keys in offline hardware, which you can, at your convenience, connect to your device to trade.

In essence, the physical wallets were invented as an offline alternative to digital wallets, granting users more security and control over their keys. Most importantly, physical wallets can’t be targeted by hackers, which could otherwise target your digital wallets. However, unlike the digital wallets, they aren’t free.

On the other hand, digital wallets are free and function as an account. They fulfill the same role as the physical wallets and are accessible via any internet device (smartphone, laptops, tablets, and so forth). However, you don’t have the same amount of control you would have with the hardware wallet. On the other hand, they are free.

If you are a total beginner to the Bitcoin world, we suggest going with the free, online wallet. Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t obtain hardware wallet, mainly if you accumulate large amounts of Bitcoins. If you are interested in this topic and would like to learn more about it, you should check this Youtube video.


Introduction To Credit/Bitcoin Exchange

Before we discuss particular cases and platforms that allow a credit-to-Bitcoin exchange, there are a couple of things you should know. First and foremost, we want you to know that we spend a lot of time researching and looking for the best exchange platforms. Why is this important?

Well, those who know a thing or two about Forex trading are probably aware of the fact that there are a lot of websites interested only in stealing your money (put merely, ripping you off). They either charge huge fees on every exchange or run their sites just to gather people’s credit card information.

And just as we researched the sites we will review below, so should you investigate the websites we examined. As you go through our list, keep these things in mind:

  • Region limitations: not all websites operate worldwide; some are region locked, meaning that they function only in the specific areas (such as US, EU, Asia, etc.)
  • Fees: these websites charge you for each exchange (they have to profit in some way, right?). They invest a lot of resources in website functionality, security, servers, and so forth.
  • Purchase limitations: you can’t buy every Bitcoin there is; there are certain limitations and reasons behind constraints (mostly to prevent the monopolization of the currency).
  • User-friendliness: some sites are better designed than others. Keep an eye on how “friendly” they are, is the website easy to navigate, does it function in an easy to understand or complicated fashion
  • Transfer speed: how long will it take to exchange the credit to Bitcoin, and when will the Bitcoins be at your disposal
  • Security And Credibility: I would argue that these are the most important things you should be concerned with when looking for Bitcoin exchange website. We will discuss security and credibility as we go through particular examples.


Now that you know the most important things regarding Bitcoin exchange let’s look at the platforms which allow that exchange.



Coinbase is arguably the world’s most notable Bitcoin/Etherum exchange service. They are particularly popular amongst US and EU customers, due to their 3.99% on each exchange (arguably the lowest exchange for EU and US region).

Coinbase is also available in Canada, UK (United Kingdom), Australia and Singapore. They are very secure, but you do sacrifice functionality and privacy for that security. For instance, they feature Vault Protection, which allows you to put the exchanges on delay. This means that, even if your account is hacked, you will have plenty of time to react to unauthorized withdrawals.


The process of registration:

  1. Go to the Coinbase, and click sign up (top right corner)
  2. Navigate to the Settings, click payment methods, and then add payment methods
  3. Enter the required data (credit card information)
  4. Verify your information (verification process is fast, painless and simple)
  5. That’s it, you are registered and can now buy Bitcoins

Note that you can buy $150 or €150 worth of Bitcoins per week (instant purchase). After you confirm your account and ID, you can buy up to $20 000 per month (maximum day cap is $2000). The website is relatively easy to navigate, and the registration process is fast and secure. Moreover, your currency is protected by the Coinbase insurance.


  • Substantial buying limits (compared to other services)
  • Credible and highly secure (grants a lot of security features)
  • Features “Instant Buy” option, perfect for beginners
  • Neatly designed website
  • You receive a bonus if you purchase $100 worth of Bitcoin ($10 bonus)


  • Less privacy (Coinbase might track your exchanges to assure security)
  • Region-locked



BitPanda is another credible and popular Bitcoin exchange service. They charge relatively low credit card fees (between 3% and 4%), but their services are available for EU residences only. However, even though the service fees are low, they aren’t openly displayed.

Instead, BitPanda includes their fees within each transaction. This is both good and bad, depending on how you look at things. On the one hand, you don’t have to calculate the service fee manually, on the other, you don’t know the service fee (per se).

You can buy up to €2500 per day, and the maximum limit is €75 000 per month. Note that the limitations depend on your credibility, verification level, and so forth (we will discuss this later).

Registration process:

  1. Go to the BitPanda website and click sign up (top right corner)
  2. Enter your email address and solve simple mathematical formula (to prove you aren’t a bot)
  3. Click register and then wait for the verification email (check spam folder if you can’t find the email)
  4. Set a password and confirm it
  5. You can change the password any time you want (Security tab, after you register)

We suggest setting a long and secure password. Also, go through the entire security guide (click here to see the official BitPanda security guide). Note that you can protect your email with the 2FA method. To buy Bitcoin on BitPanda, just follow these steps:

  1. Click Buy tab
  2. Select Bitcoin
  3. Choose a payment method (add and confirm your credit card if you didn’t already, Visa or MasterCard)


As we said, the BitPanda won’t showcase the exchange fee, but will instead incorporate it within each exchange.


  • secure and notable service
  • meager exchange fees
  • high purchase limitations
  • easy to use, fast and reliable


  • charges aren’t displayed for each purchase
  • available for EU citizens only




Coinmama specializes in credit card/Bitcoin transaction, and are available in virtually any country in the world. However, not all US states permit Coinmama (click here to see which US states allow Coinmama).

Though secure and fast, they do charge approximately 6% for every fee, which is a lot (if you compare to other services). Coinmama claims that their costs are high due to the high risks of dealing with credit card owners (fraudulent activity, false credit cards, etc.)

Their limits are pretty high, allowing you to purchase $5000 per day, maximum of $30 000 value of Bitcoin per month. Note that you can buy only $500 worth of Bitcoin before you verify your credit card.

Registration process:

  1. Visit the Coinmama official website, and click sign up (upper right corner)
  2. Enter the required data (email, first and last name, country of residence)
  3. After this is done, Coinmama will send you verification link on your email (click the link, check the spam folder if you can’t find it in the inbox)

After you verify the email, you can purchase Bitcoin. You can either buy Bitcoins by clicking on buy tab beneath each option ($199, $999, and more). Once you select the desired amount, you can choose purchase method. Select the credit/debit card (preferably Visa and Master card since the verification is fast), link it to your Coinmama account, and you are good to go.

One thing we want to emphasizes: unlike most other Bitcoin exchange services, they don’t feature a built-in digital wallet. This means that you’ll have to link your Coinmama account with your Bitcoin wallet. Though this might seem inconvenient, it is a good thing since it gives you total control over your cryptocurrency.

In general, the Coinmama website is easy to navigate, their services are credible and fast, but they do charge a lot compared to other exchange companies.


  • operate in virtually any country
  • high limits (after the verification)
  • trusted and very notable broker
  • fairly easy to use
  • fast transaction


  • limited to some US states
  • high fees is another company that allows the purchase of Bitcoin via credit or debit card. They are a reputable company, known for allowing high purchase limits. They offer their services to virtually any country in the world (220 countries).

Registration process:

  1. Visit the official website and select Buy Bitcoin option (you can’t miss it)
  2. Enter your email and password (you can log in with your Facebook or Gmail account, but we suggest you create separate account)
  3. Click on the verification link in your inbox or spam folder

Now that you’ve registered and verified your account, you can proceed to purchase methods. You have two options: deposit and withdraw. Admittedly, is the only service on our list which allows instant withdrawal, that is, transferring the Bitcoins back to your currency, and then withdrawing the amount to your credit card.

Deposit process:

  1. Click deposit tab (green tab)
  2. Add new payment method (credit card). As with any credit card verification method, you’ll need to send some personal ID information, with you holding the ID info (more on that later).
  3. Select the amount of money you want to deposit (top right corner)

Now that you have credit on your account, you can finally purchase some Bitcoins. Choose the desired amount, and confirm the purchase. The entire process is fast and reasonably straightforward, thanks to the neatly designed website. Be patient with the verification process because it does take some time before the checks your ID and assures that there is no fraud involved.

Interestingly, the withdrawal process is fast and pretty much on-demand. As soon as you send a withdrawal request, the will process it automatically, and almost instantly. fees vary from country to country, most commonly being 3.5%, with the default 25 cents on each exchange.


  • operate in almost any country
  • they allow fast withdrawals (bitcoin to Dollar, Euro or Rouble exchange)
  • stable and secure
  • trusted and cooperative


  • a somewhat slow verification process




Coinhouse is another reputable Bitcoin broker, known as the “House of Bitcoin,” stationed in Paris. Unfortunately, their services are available in EU only.

Registration process:

  1. visit the official Coinhouse website, and click the create account tab
  2. enter your email address, password, re-enter the password, and do the CAPTCHA request (to confirm you aren’t a bot)
  3. verify your email by clicking on the link sent to your email
  4. after that, add a payment method (credit card)
  5. you will have to validate your credit card by providing the Coinhouse with ID, with the picture of you holding the ID
  6. that’s it; now you can buy Bitcoin

After you’ve done all these shenanigans, you can buy up to €2000 worth of Bitcoins per day, maximum of €10 000 per month. The exchange fees vary, depending on the amount of money you intend to invest in the Bitcoins. The costs fall exponentially: the more you buy, the less expense you have to pay.

For instance, if you invest anywhere from €500 to €1500, the Coinhouse will charge you with 9% service fee. But, if you spend more than €10 000, they will charge you with 6% fee. Be aware that the fee reduction is permanent. For instance, the service fee for the first €500 is 10%. But, if you use their services again and buy additional €500, the fee will now be 9%; more investment, less fee.

Their services are relatively straightforward to use, and the transactions are fast. Their support team is amiable and will answer your requests in a reasonable time. Even the verification process doesn’t take too long, meaning you’ll quickly be able to invest in Bitcoins.


  • respectable and notable broker
  • secure and rapid
  • friendly support service
  • allow you to sell Bitcoins (you’ll be paid via SEPA)


  • high service fees
  • locked to EU region





Bitstamp is one of the oldest and most popular Bitcoin exchange companies, licensed by the Luxemburg government, which makes it both official and credible. In 2011, Bitcoin wasn’t that popular, and Luxemburg’s decision to allow and control the Bitcoin exchange certainly helped popularize the Bitcoin trade.

Though they started as an EU locked service, they are currently offering their services to a lot of countries around the world.

Registration process:

  1. Visit the Bitstamp official website, and click the register tab in the top right corner
  2. Enter the required information (email, name and surname, password, and your country)
  3. After you’ve verified your email, select the deposit tab
  4. Choose the credit card method (payment methods)
  5. After you choose the desired amount, the page will send you to a third party client (Simplex)

Verification process:

  1. First, you will have to insert your billing info (name, last name, billing address, etc.)
  2. Then, you will select the payment method
  3. Once selected, you will have to verify that payment method (relatively simple, just follow the given steps)
  4. Once the data is validated, Bitcoins will be transferred to your account

When it comes to limitations, they depend on whether you verified your credit card or not. Generally, you should be able to purchase $5000 per day, maximum of $20 000 per month. Also, the service fee varies.

For instance, if you decide to invest $100 – $999, you will pay %8 fee. Fee for $1000 to $2499 is 7%, and from $2500 to $4999 is %6, and $5000 is %5. Like most EU companies, the more you invest, the less service fee you pay.

The company has an excellent reputation and offers their service worldwide. However, the verification process is a bit tiring but is on the other hand very secure.


  • respectable and secure broker
  • instant transfer (after verification)
  • high limits on daily purchase
  • deposit and withdrawal option
  • no hidden fees shenanigans


  • high exchange service fee




Though they operate in the UK, IndaCoin grants their services worldwide. They are extremely careful when it comes to credit card usage. Because of that, you can only buy $500 worth of Bitcoins in the first month. After that, your limit will increase to $3000.

Registration process:

  1. Visit the official website and select the buy Bitcoin tab (top left corner)
  2. Insert the amount of money you want to invest, enter your email address
  3. You also have two options: you can merge the IndaCoin account with your existing wallet, or you can create IndaCoin wallet.
  4. Then, fill out the payment details (billing address, credit card number, etc.)
  5. After that, fill out the contact details (first name, last name, birth date)
  6. Then, wait for the confirmation (this may take a while, so be patient)
  7. If the payment is verified, you’ll receive order information

As you can see, the process is somewhat long and tiring but isn’t difficult. IndaCoin is relatively new Bitcoin broker (unknown), which is a downside. If you asked people knowledgeable about Bitcoin brokers, IndaCoin probably wouldn’t be the first thing that pops into their mind.

Also, the company claims it doesn’t charge any exchange fee, but this is somewhat misleading because the costs are incorporated into the predetermined exchanges. They are a worldwide company, and once you do verify your payment method, you don’t have to confirm it every other time, which does save a lot of time.


  • worldwide usability
  • fast transaction upon verification
  • the service is secure and reliable
  • simple purchasing process


  • high exchange rates (hidden)
  • somewhat unknown company


For Those Who Are Still Confused

If you are still confused by the terms Bitcoin, currency exchange, brokers, service fee, don’t worry. Cytotechnology is a somewhat new technology, and it can be overwhelming at first. But think about this for a second: do you know how the internet works? Do you know how RAMs in your smartphone or laptop work?

You probably have a basic understanding of how they work, but you aren’t the expert, which is fine. Just because you aren’t the expert, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the technology. So, in this section, we will try to answer some of the most common questions regarding the Bitcoin purchasing methods, and which one would suit you the best (if you opt for any).


Is It Risky To Buy Bitcoins Via These Sites

As we said previously, you have to research each exchange service, emphasizing two things: credibility and regulation. The websites on our list are all regulated and have a known reputation amongst their clients. Of course, you will always run into paid reviews, but if something is fishy, you’ll probably stumble upon it online.

With that said, there is always a specific risk involved whenever you are sharing and outsourcing your personal data online, but these companies work with hundreds and thousands of people, and one mistake could take down their entire business (bad news spread rapidly, especially online).

We suggest that you first speak with cour CC (credit card) issuer and the way they deal with Bitcoins. They will explain how you can not only recognize the fraudulent companies but also take maximum security steps to ensure everything is in order.


What Are The Advantages Of Credit Card Purchase Method

For starters, obtaining Bitcoins via credit card is both fast and easy. Once you verify your account and billing method, you are pretty much good to go. You probably registered for some online services that required the same amount of information Bitcoin brokers will need. In short, it is fast, easy and secure.


Is It Difficult To Verify My Account?

Well, this depends on the broker you choose. You have to understand that even the experts still don’t fully understand cryptocurrency. There is a lot of speculation as to where the technology will go, how should the governments regulate it, how will it affect the future of the economy, and so forth.

So, to ensure that everything is in order, you have to provide the brokers with your personal ID. Then, brokers cross-reference the data with the regulatory agencies and governments and verify that the person who filed request is, in fact, you (that is why most brokers require that you take a photo of you holding the ID).


What Are The Downsides?

High fees are often the biggest downside of purchasing Bitcoins with a credit card. Also, there are limits as to how much money can you invest while using credit card method.


What Happens If Someone Steals My Credit Card?

Naturally, you should instantly contact your CC provider and explain the situation, upon which they’ll terminate the credit card. But consider the process a thief has to go through if they decide to steal your Bitcoins. They first have to confirm the new hardware, which is a pain in the butt in itself.

Then they have to verify via email, know all the passwords and PIN numbers. And after that, they have to provide ID information. In short, purchasing Bitcoin with a stolen credit card is almost impossible.


How Can I Increase The Buying Limits?

Well, you have to verify your account and payment method. Some companies will reward your loyalty and increase the limits if you are a respectable and consistent trader.

If you aren’t satisfied with that limit, you can always create a new account on a different platform, that is, you can use multiple services using the same ID and credit card.


Can I Sell My Bitcoins?

It depends on the broker. Most brokers only allow you to buy Bitcoins, but some (like will enable you to sell your Bitcoins.


Where Should I Keep My Bitcoins?

It is always best to have a dedicated, personal wallet, which gives you maximum security and direct control over your account. Of course, owning a hardware (physical wallet) is arguably the safest way of storing Bitcoins.